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Rock of Cashel

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Cashel Co. Tipperary is where you will find the amazing Rock of Cashel; which is one of our most loved and visited attractions for visiting tourists, and indeed also one of the most spectacular. The word Cashel itself means ‘castle’ or ‘fortress’. The Rock of Cashel also goes by the names St. Patrick's Rock and Cashel of the Kings.

Rock of Cashel

Peering down on the entire area from a solid limestone pedastel over 200ft high, the Rock of Cashel is the traditional throne of the historic Munster Kings. St. Patrick paid a vist around 450AD and one of hte more famous Kings of Minster was Brian Boru, who in the 10th century was coronated as the King of Ireland at the Rock of Cashel.

The Rock of Cashel was handed over to the church in the 12th century by King O’Brien and his extended family, at which time the Rock became the home of the Chrusch's archbishop. Consequently the archbishop ordered the construction of Cormac’s Chapel. In more recent times, Cromwells army pillaged the Rock in the year 1647, acting under the orders of the armies leader, Inchiquin. The Rock of Cashel was once the place seen as the throne of the king of Munster. This went on for a few hundred years, just before the invasion of the Normans. 1500 years later, there are very few surviving parts of those early buildings. Many of the houses, churches and ou-houses on the existing site were built between the 12th and 13th century. Interestinly, for those of you who are fans of St PAtrich, it is thought that this site in cashel was also the place where St Patrick himself converted the then King of Munster to Christianity in the around the year 500 AD. The complex is very scenic and picturesque, with a very individual character. It is a remarkable site and contains a wide-ranging collection of amazing Celtic art and examples of medieval form and architecture that cannot be found anywhere else on the entire continent of Europe.

Rock of Cashel

The current impressive grounds, surrounded in high and thick stone walls, creating a fortress, contains the central Cathedral, a 2nd roman church from the 12th century, a number of high crosses, the round tower and a number of other buildings, structures and out-houses. Dating from the 12th century, the round tower, at 28 metres tall, is one of the older buildings within the Rock, which, over 800 years on, is still in incredibly well preserved. The main cathedral was built in the 1400s and is gothic in origin. It contains a tower in the middle which is actually square in shape. You can also climb the steps all the way to the top of that tower where you walk on the roof walk. There is a smaller church known as Cormac’s Chapel which has many architectural features from the roman ages. At the main entrance to the Rock you will find a building known as the Hall of the Vicar’s Choral which was built in the 1600s and which has recently been completely restored. This is where your visit should begin if you are having a guided tour and the museum which contains mainly exhibits including the silverware used at the Rock down through the ages and also the cross belonging to St. Patrick’s himself.

The Rock of Cashel is situated on the side of the M8 motorway and is a 1-hour drive from our Bed and Breakfast Kilkenny. It’s well worth a day-trip!

Rock of Cashel

Opening Times
September to March 9am - 4.30pm each day
March to June 9am - 5.30pm each day
June to September 9am - 7.30pm each day
The final admission is 45 minutes before closing. If travelling in a group, you must book in advance.

Average duration of visit to take it all in
90 minutes minimum


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