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St. Canice’s Cathedral

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At the north end of High Street near the centre of Kilkenny city alongside Dean street and Vicar street, stands the majestic and imposing sight of Saint Canice’s Cathedral and it’s Round Tower. If Kilkenny is known as a true medieval city, then St Canice’s Cathedral and Round Tower form the core of what makes it medieval.
The Round Tower is actually older than Kilkenny Castle, by a considerable distance, 600 years infact; making it the oldest structure in Kilkenny city. A climb up the narrow steps right to the top is a must for all visitors to Kilkenny as the views south over the city towards the castle are fantastic.

Saint Canices Cathedral

The cathedral building itself dates from around the same time as the castle, the 13th century, and has been an active place of worship for the past 800 years, right to this day.
Originally a Christian church, it has been the seat of the Bishop of the diocese of Cashel and Ossary as part of the Church of Ireland since 1120. The loyal Roman Catholic built St Marys Cathedral instead.
The site was consecrated around 700AD as an early Christian place of worship and is named after St Canice who is the patron saint of Kilkenny. The Irish meaning of the word Kilkenny is Cill Chainnigh, or the ‘church of Canice’.
Within the cathedral, you will see some of the finest examples of Stained glass windows anywhere in the country, as well as 16th century manuscripts and monuments. The See Chair of the Bishop of Ossory dating back to 1120 can still be seen inside the Cathedral. Many of the Butler family, residents of Kilkenny for hundreds of years, as well as many Bishops from throughout the ages, are interred at St Canice’s.

If you’re travelling to us in Kilkenny in August, Saint Canice’s is used as one of the classical concert venues for the Arts Festival. A must see and only a 20 minute drive from our bed and breakfast.

Saint Canices Cathedral


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